A Movie Pick For A Holy Week

I was going to wait for the DVD, but I’m so very glad I didn’t . . .

The movie choice was left to my girlfriend, it was her birthday and it was my treat. The Conspirator was at the top of her list and at the bottom of mine. Normally I would have been bit-chomping to see a period film – I heart period films BIG time – but Rotten Tomatoes had only rated it a 55% – which equals “rotten” by their standards. (Me and Rotten Tomatoes quite often end up disagreeing about our movies, but I still wait for the DVD if the rating is pretty low.)

Who would have thought that the perfect movie to see before Easter would be a drama about the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln? It doesn’t all come together until the last sentence in the last frame before the ending credits, but come together it does and it puts you so in mind of salvation and everything Easter that you just cannot move for a while.

And four little words become my litany, spoken from my heart all the way home:  “I am that son.”

I won’t tell you “why” because my descriptives would spoil the power and poignancy of the movie.

Just go see it.


A beautiful and blessed Holy Week to you.


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