this is how i feel, giveaway winners + party photos!


I spent 3 hours typing, only to backspace every word to a blank page again. I feel out-to-sea and skinless; like I can’t string 3 sentences together, coherent or otherwise. My engine’s been running so hot for so long, the only thing my gears want for is a cooling; a cabin off the grid; extended prayer time by the Q river. There is a marrow-deep desire to stand distant, in an open field all alone and sway like praise until the stars come out and the coyotes start yipping. The coyotes remind me of my childhood and how we would hear them making noise every night near the outside edge of our 40 acres. They also remind me of the blood moon night when Austin and I, our boys and friends all stood in the park by our house and howled at the eclipse like lunatics. We laughed so hard. Letting totally loose is just the same as getting born again, again.

Maybe I just need to stand under the rays of lunar light and let my roar break out. I think it would make me cry with relief this time. There’s so much going on in my body, paradoxically I feel empty. But I have a production schedule to keep up with, social media posts I’m supposed to make and share and promote promote promote every day. This book baby I built won’t feed itself, apparently. But how do you nurture something if the breast milk is dried up? And if marketing is certainly not a strong suit?

It feels as though I’m supposed to play a game, but the rules are foreign to me. The abstract shape and size of my design cannot squeeze into this rigid square. I refuse to produce for the sake of producing, to spin and strive and stress. Instead I’m attempting to reimagine marketing from the foundation of my own guts and ingenuity, but maybe I need a little rest first. A single schedule-less day or two-thousand prayers should do the trick. Do you have one for me?

My publishing people have been so gracious with me. They run a solid business and know the here-to-here of what works and what doesn’t and I’m all: let’s just move with the Spirit and feel our way through! Ha! Just kidding (sort of), I do use my brain too. If you have any creative suggestions on how to keep the Bandersnatch word spreading, if you know some awesome outlets for sharing my book trailer, let me know! Maybe where I end, you begin. Maybe it takes a village to raise a book.

If you’ve already dipped into Bandersnatch, I’d like to ask you a few genuine questions:

What are your thoughts so far?

Have you come into a favorite part?

Was there a passage that felt as though I was telling your own story?

If you have the energy and space, leave me a comment or send a message. I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thinkings! 😀


Instead of downloading a fancy plugin that would choose book giveaway winners at random, I asked our three sons to pick three numbers between 1 and 86 (the amount of giveaway entries) and those unplanned choices became the victors. Congratulations to 55, 37, and 42! Otherwise known as: Courtney, Katie and Laura! I’ll be emailing for your addresses later today and I’ll ship the goods early next week. 😀


Austin and a few of my girlfriends made me a beautiful, book party night. There were Edison bulbs and hand-dyed fabrics and warm ambiance everywhere. The hallways were lit with white twinkle lights. Our son Seth even wrote me a rap song, then performed it live with our son Jude laying down some beats and their friend Eli playing a few electric guitar chords. It was BY FAR the best part of the whole event. I wish we had gotten a quality recording because I’m certain it would put a smile on the face of everybody! This is how the lyrics went, imagine a Macklemore (or LeCrae if you prefer 😉 ) rhythm while you read. And smile! 😀

“When I walk through the book store, there’s one thing my eyes catch, it’s a little white book called Bandersnatch! Ya the more you read it, the more you’re attached to that little white book called Bandersnatch!

2014 is when it started, trust me when I say that day it CHARTED! Erika Morrison is the author of this book, she tried really hard, a lot of energy it took, but she–like a cook–made it good from the recipe of lifelong . . . experience.

Now it’s done and her words shine like the sun, every word every page carry the wisdom she has gained and the energy that was strained. Now her book unchained and in a world that won’t be the same, changed by one . . . amazing wo-ho-man!”













(Images by Rachel and Lauren)

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