Random Behavior
I crawled into bed next to Austin last night, put on my sleeping eye mask and helplessly broke into song using my best opera voice. "CAUSE I'M YOUR LAAAAAAAAAAADY, AND YOU ARE MY MAAAAAAAAAAAN. Austin stop wheezing and gasping, I'm trying to serenade you. WHENEVER YOU REEEEAAACH FOR ME, I'LL DO ALLLLLL THAT I CAN . . . Seriously Austin, if you laugh any harder, you're going to throw up your lungs. WE'RE HEADING FOR SOMETHING . . . I…
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A Journal Entry From A Snow Day
The snows came today, falling heavy without rest until the landscape was buried 25" deep. You only have to look in one direction on such a day to know why the two most common words associated with this awe arousing event are "magic" and "wonder". God in form of nature seduces me to take a closer look, to go beyond the pressing of face to glass and step into the land of white crystal itself. I bundle myself warm and…
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