Contemporary Christianity seems to be suffering from an epidemic of sameness. Uniformity. Monotony. Those trapped inside are often afraid to step beyond established norms and innovatively express themselves, or they simply don’t know how. And those on the outside of Christianity often see very little that attracts them. Yet God, out of the abundance of his own artistic force, made each one of us unique. Peculiar. Irreplaceable. So why so much pressure to conform?

Bandersnatch* explores this intersection of disillusionment and welcomes readers to a liberating journey, an odyssey of the soul. This process is an opportunity for fellow Christians who are feeling weary or stifled by established norms to find God in unconventional ways, as well as an invitation for people on the outside to reimagine what following the mystery of Christ could be like.

It is organized around four terms viewed through the life of Jesus: Avant-Garde, Alchemy, Anthropology, and Art. Each expression reveals a diverse facet of God’s unorthodox creativity planted within us, provides a fresh look at the divine nature, and offers a reframed collection of definitions by which to live.

Erika Morrison gives us permission to break free from the expectations and labels that cramp our souls. Then, through the lens of singularity, she encourages her readers to cultivate artful, holistic, contributing lives that matter to both heaven and earth.







“As a pastor’s daughter who’s struggled her whole life with institution- alized religion, Bandersnatch breathes new life into these dry bones. Erika Morrison has unveiled the heart of Ezekial 37; her words are the breath of God on the body of the church, a manual of freedom for the religiously oppressed. Bandersnatch is the transfiguration of Christ for an unbelieving generation and a prophetic word for those thirsty for revival. It is an honor to endorse this very important work.”

—Emily T. Wierenga, Founder of The Lulu Tree and Author of Atlas Girl and Making it Home (

“To know Erika Morrison is to love the way she dares you to be more fully yourself.A woman who listens closely to the heartbeat of God for his people, she is unafraid to embrace the beautiful uniqueness found in each one of us. Erika oozes individuality and deep-seeded wisdom in a way that inspires us to listen and dig further within our own souls. She is a true friend who desires nothing more than to see the body of Christ walk into fullness as we each embrace exactly who God created us to be.”

—Logan Wolfram, Author of Curious Faith, Speaker, CEO of Allume Ministries

“Seeing Christianity through Erika Morrison’s eyes is like cliff-diving into a lagoon after a lifetime of municipal pools. Her stories and insights on a creative kingdom life are unlike anything I’ve encountered in my evangelical background, and they can’t help but tug out a responsive joy from the deepest parts of our identities. Bandersnatch is the antidote to “normal” we never knew we needed.”

—Bethany Bassett, Writer and Editor

“A decade plus of surrender to God’s unearthing of her own peculiar, internal architecture has given Erika profound insight to whisper into other hearts and spiritual journeys. Erika’s prose reads like the most poignant poems and songs, and has become a powerful tool in the hand of the Father as he continues to excavate my own truest heart.”

—Dana Butler, Mama of Littles, Worship Pastor, and Writer at

 “Erika’s account of spiritual development flows as an underground stream that feeds the pump, not as neatly packaged bottles of water.”

—Mary Cadney, Oklahoma Artist

“Bandersnatch is a hole torn open in the fabric of ordinary earth, offering a dazzling glimpse of the kingdom breaking through. In its pages, Erika Morrison relentlessly intertwines electric currents of poetry, faith, and the raw honesty of her unconventionally beautiful heart. Not many books have captured the otherworldly but so very real essence of the magical, mystical reality of walking with the Spirit in the footsteps of Jesus like this one has. Bandersnatch makes me want to dance, dream, create, commune, pray, die, and live again from the very core of my chest.”

—Micah Murray, Writer at

“Erika is not simply a writer—she is an artist. In Bandersnatch, she creates this glorious space where I am reintroduced to myself, my true self. Then she gives me a virtual hug and the permission to go be that self. This is, I think, what the most wonderful books always do.They remind us who we truly are.”

—Shawn Smucker, Author of Building A Life Out Of Words

“Erika Morrison is one to watch if you want to know what it looks like to live infused with a sense of adventure and surrender. She is a teacher in the practice of engaging God with all your quirk and senses. I love the way she exemplifies a worshiper of Christ, how she keeps her eyes peeled for glory in plain sight. If there ever were a Bandersnatch, it would be her, and I want to live “crossed-over” how she does. Better yet, I want to live avant-garde like Christ.”

—Amber C. Haines, Author of Wild in the Hollow

“With the fervor of a prophet, the creativity of a performance artist, the fierce lioness of a mother, and the dusty feet of a disciple, Erika is the embodiment of life outside the narrow boundary markers. She is a breath of fresh air in a stale room, a voice I trust, a tender heart, and a bracing wind. Open the door to her Spirit-led influence and you will never be the same.”

—Sarah Bessey, Author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts



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ERIKA MORRISON is a writer and speaker, a visionary and life artist. With an unconventional and poetic approach to spirituality, she paints bold, prophetic portraits of kingdom-come. Erika makes her home and invests her heart in the Yale University town of New Haven, Connecticut, along with her husband Austin; their sons, Gabe, Seth, and Jude; and a female pit bull named Zeppelin. [read more]

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